The Health Benefits of Eating Turkey.

March 13, 2016

You’ve probably heard about the health benefits of eating turkey – low in fat, low cholesterol and so on….

With your New Year’s resolution was to ‘lose weight’ or to ‘eat healthier food’ then the choice of a turkey product is a great decision to help you achieve this goal.

Most recipes can have turkey as a meat substitute – I do this regularly with family favourites, and even new recipes. Spaghetti Bolognaise made using turkey mince is a regular in our house, to the point that the whole family can’t go back to eating the fattier, stronger flavoured alternatives.  Other turkey products that are consistently requested include turkey sausages and turkey rissoles.

I know a little three year old who DID NOT LIKE MEAT and wouldn’t eat it…. until she was served a barbequed turkey rissole, and she LOVED it! And the next night this little poppet was keen to try a turkey sausage. In this family, the choice of turkey products continues – to the delight of the turkey industry – and her parents!

So if you have a fussy eater in your house, give turkey a try, and let us at the Australasian Turkey Association share your successes.

We know that that turkey is an incredibly lean and healthy food choice, and more so when you skip the skin, but keep in  mind that the turkey breast MUST be cooked differently to a chicken. This is a very common misconception when cooking turkey breast (including cooking a whole turkey) …. and the poor turkey ends up being labelled “dry” and “tough” because it has been cooked on too high a temperature.

The turkey breast product has to be cooked gently, on a lower heat than you would cook a chicken.

The result of being gentler with the turkey breast is a ‘melt in the mouth’, moist taste sensation.

Contact your local turkey producer in your area, check out Farmer’s Markets or select a turkey product from your local supermarket.

Have a go and experiment with your family’s favourite meals, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Keep the New Year’s resolutions alive!!


Publicity Officer